October 3, 2022

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Joo247 Fan Says: Of Songs and Messages

Music, oh music is beyond lyrics, beyond sound… It’s a lot beyond the pedigree of the singer, or genre..it jus flows… through. When I hear Simi’s duduke …ahhh it makes me imagine my pregnant self getting ready to meet my bundle of joy…wait it also reminds me of everything about children, how it’s a sweet and sour experience to actually is to raise kids in an ever changing world.

On a cold Friday night curled up in my bed I’m listening to some sweet oldies.. fantasizing about a helplessly romantic time with the love of my life. Music does a lot to me, and it has helped me go through different phases of my life, when I lost my mum I spent months listening to Chris Morgan’s Yahweh because in those lonely moments the only person I had was GOD and that song helped me to connect to an invisible yet soothing love.

Songs convey a peculiar message, if you have time to listen.. would you listen … jus a little bit longer?

By Christiana Ogeleka