October 3, 2022

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Nigerian Music Superstar, Davido.

JOO247 Fan Says: Musical Heist or Juju?

I know you’re probably wondering why there’s juju (charm) in the title or heading as you may seem fit. It is however our Nigerian catchphrase.

When it beats our understanding, it definitely has to be “juju” because we don’t believe in magic in every literal sense of it but we damn sure believe in “juju”. Who no know “winch” never reach Naija.

However, that’s another story for another day. Permit my disrespect, welcome to my pep talk which might just become a series or NOT! OK, let’s get right to it.

This has nothing to do with motivational speeches or anything of sort. We are here to thrash out how our “faves” in the Nigerian music industry have pulled the wool over our (the fan-base) eye. I’d be making Davido my focal point as well as many others but Davido first, my no 1! baddest.

Isn’t it just ludicrous that we would go to any end to fight for these guys and all we ask in return is give us good music but no o “una get coconut head” abi una no reason am. Wizkid promised us “made in lagos”, oga David (Davido) don put us for cruise since the beginning of the year say him album ” a better time” go comot. I mean it’s actually laughable when we think about it, are we a joke to these guys?

One of my all-time “fave” dropped an album recently and I must say it’s totally bonkers! Mind blowing! I mean it deserves a 1000 ” omoooo” (Burna better reason me better with all these energy wey I dey give him album o). The shocking thing however is, as wonderful as that song is, best believe some people do not appreciate the album (another debate for another day).

Joo247, Joomanians
Fem Artwork

Back to Uncle David before I digress further. He just dropped a new single, “FEM” and it was this particular song that brought the inspiration for my title. Either we his fans are under some sort of spell or he has to be the distant relative of the professor in the Netflix series “money heist”.

That song lacks lyrical content as much as it pains me to say it. Ahh our mumu suppose don do, I’ve always loved him as an artist but he basically just brought instrumentals to the table and called it a song, something he has in common with Wizkid. I mean you guys used to serve us hot contents before now. It now begs the question, does money reduce an artist musical prowess?” I beg to differ, I mean look at 2face idibia (2baba) still going strong even after two decades.

I’m not a fan of comparing artists, it disgusts me just as much as parents comparing their children to other kids. However, Kama paro kama jale, dem no dey try. It is only right to say then that he must have pulled this wool over our eyes a long time ago and it’s starting to fall off or is it?

This song broke the chart with a million views in just 7 hours and he still has that record for most viewed Nigerian artist on YouTube ( why him no go get 30BG) and it’s like we’ve practically ignored what music is supposed to be and just follow how these artists dish it out to us.

Uncle David is the real olofin jazzman! I mean it’s not like when the song comes on I don’t lose my resolve and start shouting “Para! Para!” everywhere. I love the music video, practically flawless, the instrumental is what I call “the bomb” but the lyrics ehn, e get as e be and there’s certain rumor regarding the song, I’m not going peruse that line of thought (Na una sabi).

A fragment of him surfaced briefly when “a good time” was released but it seems to me that “the money controlling demon” that seeks out artists is quite relentless.  All I am saying on behalf of others even if they don’t know it yet is, give us the Davido we signed up for. Thanks, dutifully signed by the Association of Nigerian Fans.

We’ve come to the end of my pep-talk, rant, table shaking, whatever it is. see you some other time! Gracias. ( oh and by the way,  I mean and do not mean everything portrayed in this pep-talk, it’s left for you to figure out which part is seemingly true or false, yours confusingly.

Written by: Akapo Ifedayo A.