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Ossy Vybz & Mayor Thompson ft Lincoln & Shredd3r MNDTJ Remix.mp3

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The song explains the awesome power of our lord Jesus Christ



Miracle man
Right here (it’s the remix y’all)

Nobody know say
Jesus fit turn water to wine
But him mama know say
God pocket no fit finish
Nobody know say
Five loaves fit belle full
Five thousand
Now everybody know say
Jesus no dey tire for miracles

Problem no dey finish
Miracle no dey tire Jesus (No way)
Wahala no dey finish
Miracle no dey tire Jesus

Ossy Vybz y’all

News flash,God’s hand
Doesn’t need a push to touch lives (yeah)
E no dey tire,e no dey waver (nah)
E no dey check time or even calendar (nah)
E no dey promise person make e fail (nah)
We’re all alive by his saving grace (that’s wassup)
Miracle no dey tire my father
He gave up his son just to die for my matter (It’s Shredd3r on the Guitar)

Miracle no dey tire Jesus (you say,you say)
Miracle no dey tire Jesus

Do you believe
You’re a miracle (yeah)
Made for signs and wonders
No the valley low (say what)
For the top is yours
Yes the pinnacle (That’s wassup)
Wahala boku but God will see you through (Preach)
Cast your cares on his shoulders
All your burdens
Don’t loose faith
Believe in all his promises
In due time you’ll see it’s just season
Believe it

Miracle no dey tire,tireJesus
Miracle no dey tire Jesus
E yeahh
E no dey tire,tire Jesus (E no dey tire my Jesus)
Miracle no dey tire Jesus

Lincoln Linkz

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