Published 2 years ago in Afrobeats, in album: ORIGINAL


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Daddy or mummy
I love my daddy
And i love my mum so much
Well i love my mama

Love or sex
Ah omo i love sex i love sex
I don't wanna lie
But mehn i love sex
Love love love love

Okay yeah
Errhm fame or money
Ahhh money money is koko now
Na money be koko
But if you no get money
You no fit get fame
So yeah money
Errrm but ori lomo mafo

So yeah
So head or tale
Ori ni mi now
Ori lomo
Ori noni
Shomori oo shomori

Afrobeat orrrrrrr
I'm an afro person
24/7 All the way
And all day
Tunacious or any other artist
Tunacious originatity
Emi love originality
Mo love originalityyyyy
Alright alright

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