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Louis Fido ft Babs - Hustler's Reason.mp3

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Louis Fido biography(new)

Oluwafunsho Taiwo Alawode, better known as (King) LOUIS FIDO born 30th of october, is a versatile Afro-pop artiste and song writer. His Afro-pop genre has a fusion of Afro, reggae, hip hop, RnB And Fuji. This is summed up to create a unique new age Afro pop genre which he has come to name "Afro-Dynamic".
Louis Fido is also a celebrity stylist and a haberdasher who runs a fashion house(haberdashery) named "Royale De Vogue Fashion".
Louis Fido is dropping the song titled “Hustlers Reason” Featuring BCM lead act “BABS” AKA BABAJIDE (Olusegun Obasanjo Grand son) who is a Nigerian-UK based rapper who’s no doubt currently making big waves in the UK. The song is being released under the imprints of BLACK CIRCLE MUSIC(BCM) .
Louis Fido’s latest new single titled “Hustlers Reason” speaks more about the highs & lows every hustler encounters on their way to the top, the sacrifices they make, indecisions and most importantly the reason behind every hustle.
Louis Fido is a BSc. holder of Management Sciences at the Highly esteemed University Of Lagos. The young and versatile artiste who is of Nigerian descent was raised as a Child in the Ogba Community, This Community which is a widely known Hood in Nigeria due to the prevalence of Positive Social And Youthful Intrigues, Has groomed great talents.
Louis Fido Is from a family of 5 with 4 sisters in which He’s a Twin to One of Them. He is The Only Male Child, Hence His Fashion Artisty.
The name Louis Fido was coined from two elements,
The Prefix, LOUIS was inspired By A Reigned King Of the French Empire known for His Dogged war efforts.

The Suffix FIDO stands for Loyalty, A Name given to him by his eldest sister who compared him to the old 7up mascot "Fido Dido" because of his skinny look and hairstyle.
Louis Fido’s first debut single "Ini Edo" introduced him to the limelight in 2012, after which he took a brief Hiatus till 2016 when he released His Second Hit, "Temperature" that featured Nigeria’s
youngest and fast rising producer "REXXIE".
Louis Fido started off his music journey as a teenage choir Boy in His Family church, He later on graduated to being a back up artiste for a couple of live bands singing at events while most of His Peers were still sourcing for Lolipops And Sweets. Fido multitasked by writing songs for
a few known and unknown artistes. In 2012, he officially kick started his own career as a full time artiste.
Louis Fido’s source of inspiration can be traced back to God(His Number One Mentor), his experiences in Life and experiences He Has Witnessed in The Lives Of Others. Because of These, Louis Fido realized that music is his divine
calling and In His Normal Way, He Heeded To This Calling. Louis Fido Enjoys feeding the minds of His listeners with hope, good vibe and knowledge.
Louis Fido believes everyone is a born King and Queen with expectations of all and sundry to Have The Opportunity to live life as royals and so thus, He encourages Unalloyed Love, Freedom and Equality.
King Louis Fido tends to pose as an African King, who intends taking Africa’s native music and beautiful culture to the global and foreign
scene by bringing the World's attention to every element of Africa and promoting black excellence.

Head Down!

Follow on IG/TWITTER : @kinglouisfido

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